Editing and Proofreading Services

As content specialists, we offer our Proofreading and Editing services for any material written in English. Editing and proofreading can be carried out for essays, blog or journal articles, e-books, or academic doctoral research papers and dissertations.

While all such content can be reviewed by colleagues and family members, a professional content specialist is far more likely to provide you with value-added suggestions. This is because a specialist is trained in the nuances of English writing norms & standards and understands communication styles for various audiences and thematic content. The aim is to always return high-quality content that meets formal writing conventions.

Editing is generally performed to ensure that the message intended by the author is communicated in a clear and compelling manner.

As an Editor, we will do the following for your text:

  • Check for content flow, continuity and consistency
  • Check for consistent use of language and spelling keeping with either British or American writing styles – as desired by author
  • Suggest overall changes in text to improve readability
  • Recommend changes in sentence structure where appropriate to improve clarity
  • Suggestions for tightening the content so that the message is clearly and crisply communicated
  • Proofread content to make it ready for publishing/submission

Proofreading is generally performed on finished documents that already have good writing. Proofreading is a type of final check carried out before final publishing.

As a Proofreader, we will do the following for your text:

  • Correct typographical mistakes
  • Correct spacing, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors
  • Ensure consistent visual formatting for the text
  • Make the document ready for publishing/submission

*All suggested changes will be clearly marked for the author’s reference to help authors review and accept/reject any suggestions. You will also receive a clean copy of your content, which will have all changes already incorporated. However, it is advisable that as content owners, authors always read through all suggestions to ensure accuracy of message from a purely technical perspective.