Proofread Children’s Storybooks

Have you written a children’s story? Do you have a child who loves spinning tales? Give yourself and your loved ones a unique gift by converting your imagination into published words that form a polished and professional piece of writing!! Our proofreading service for children’s storybooks will help you fine-tune your creative output to look just like any children’s book you might buy at your local bookstore. 


You’ve already done the hard bit, now why would you need a professional reviewer? Well, to put it simply, we can help turn your manuscript into a beautiful, ready-to-publish work of art. Our professional proofreading service includes not just language edits but also visual formatting of the text to suit the story and its narrative.


Here’s a detailed list of checks that will be carried out:

• Correcting typographical mistakes

• Correcting spacing, spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors to ensure easy reading

• Splitting text into separate pages to match the targeted age for the book’s audience

• Ensuring consistent visual formatting for the text

• Coordinating with the illustrator to keep the text and visuals consistent

• Making recommendations to the illustrator for each page’s visual content

• Make the document ready for publishing/printing


If you wish to make the book available for the wider world to purchase and enjoy, as part of this all-in-one package, we will also provide you with:

• Amazon book description of up to 300 words.

• Author Information of up to 200 words for the Amazon book sales page.

• Customized text for the book cover to make the e-book Amazon-ready.


P.S. You can also opt to publish an e-book version of your story for Amazon kindle readers.

While all writing can be reviewed by colleagues and family members, a professional reviewer is far more likely to provide you with value-added suggestions. This is because a specialist is trained in the nuances of English writing norms & standards and understands communication styles for various audiences and thematic content.

A professional reviewer will help you turn out a tightly knit story that presents your creativity in the best light. So that you can proudly place your book right next to one published by any big publishing house.

The process always begins with a one-on-one conversation with the client/author to understand the intent of the book and become familiar with the book’s audience. Proofreading is performed on finished documents as a type of final check, which is carried out before final publishing.

In addition to polishing the text for the story, a reviewer is also able to communicate with the illustrator to provide detailed description for each visual illustration for the story; And specifying the need for single-page / double-page spreads or representing parts of the story through vignettes.

Pricing depends on the length of the manuscript.
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